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Exploring Sables d’Or

from our hotel and restaurant

What if we could find happiness in a simple stroll along one of Brittany’s stunning beaches? It is our pleasure, at Hotel Diane, to welcome you all year long in one of Côtes d’Armor’s most distinctive and charming seaside resorts. Sable d’Or is not only renowned for its vast expanse of sandy beach that stretches from one end to the other, from which hails its poetic name, but also for the singularity of its striking architectural heritage. Built in the 1920s during the Roaring Twenties, the heart of the resort is reminiscent of an Anglo-Norman or Art Deco style.

After a pleasant brunch at restaurant Diane, you can enjoy a day filled with a vast variety of activities to choose from. There is something for everyone! Are you adventurous or looking for action? You can try kite surfing, sand yachting or even go bobbing along on the gentle sway of the English Channel on a windsurfing excursion. Are you looking for a more relaxing activity? Head for the famous 18-hole golf course or the Sables d’Or casino to try your hand at one of the many tables and slot machines.

Hikers won’t be left out of the fun. They can choose, for example, a walk at low tide out to Saint-Michel Island and its chapel or meander along the V4 green way situated midway between fields and natural heathlands. Our hotel, located in Sables d’Or, is a perfect stop over or starting point if you want to tackle the legendary GR 34.